NEWS: Recently we have combined AIRS and Storica into a single app, mainly to make it easier for people to use it and not require two separate installations. However, if you only want to use AIRS without Storica, you can still do that! Please bear with us while we update the material to reflect this merging and also while we identify certain bugs coming from this merging. We’d be very grateful if you could help us identify any issues arising from this integration by emailing us at

We currently have three Android-based apps available for lifestyle recording and monitoring: StoricaAIRS and AIRS Ruler. Our fourth app, PhotoSign, is aimed at photography enthusiasts and is meant to make it easier to batch-sign your photos before sharing them within your chosen social communities.


Storica is our experience-based lifelogging platform. Starting with version 2.0, Storica gained the recording capabilities previously only provided by AIRS. Beyond recording, Storica provides multiple ways of processing and visualising your life data. Storica allows you to explore your recorded information through 4 main views:

  • Story View: creates a sequence of “meaningful events” based on the data recorded during a certain day;
  • Photo View: provides a context-enriched media gallery;
  • Map View: employs a map-based visualisation for daily tracks enhanced by an animated Fly-Over mode;
  • Detailed View:  allows for a detailed exploration of your recorded data through timelines and word clouds.

We are continually working on creating new information processing algorithms that can take full advantage of the wealth of information.

Storica is NOT a diagnosis software and we do not intend to make it so. Our aim is to help YOU better understand what happened and why it happened through supporting your creative and reflective human nature.


AIRS is an Android-based self-monitoring platform that allows for recording a large variety of information capable to cover multiple aspects of a user’s daily activities. While before AIRS was used by Storica for creating the information pool, we have now decided to integrate the two apps in order to simplify the installation process and work towards a more uniform experience. However, AIRS can also be used on its own, if you are only interested in generating data for your own further processing. In order to allow for transparency in our implementation, we made the decision to provide the AIRS platform as free and open source, so that anybody can inspect the code. That also means that it can be extended according to your needs. Here you can find all developer-related information. However, as we cannot guarantee or monitor how AIRS is further extended, please make sure you only download it from Google Play.

AIRS can also be used as a research platform in order to realize various experiments and user studies. We would be happy to provide support in extending it for your needs through our consulting services.

AIRS Ruler

The newest addition to our software portfolio is AIRS Ruler. This is an app that operates in conjunction with AIRS or Storica and allows you to create rules that modify your phone’s behaviour and appearance based on contextual changes captured through AIRS or Storica. By using the AIRS Ruler, you can, for example, automatically change the phone wallpaper when changing your mood (through the AIRS/Storica mood widget) or when your heart rate increased over a certain threshold or switch on/off your Bluetooth or WiFi based on certain events. We are just starting with this, so more functionalities will be added in the future. If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us or contribute to our developer forum.


Our apps are based on our research into sensing and context-aware software. The work that lead to AIRS was initially started in 2004 when we were working on mobile-based and M2M sensing platforms and context-aware architectures. Storica is based on the work performed in MyRoR and PAL where we looked at alternative and more engaging ways of modelling and correlating large and varied user information within lifestyle management scenarios.

Our work is about supporting and enhancing people by making use of data that can be captured through digital means. Our long experience with context-aware systems made us very much aware of the dangers of mishandling such data and, for that reason, our software provides full control to end users. No data recorded on the phone is in any way used or uploaded without the user’s knowledge. That is because we are end users ourselves and we just do not appreciate such behaviour.

Get started now!

If you wonder how to get started, watch here a short video summarising the main steps in using AIRS and Storica. And,  above all, enjoy 🙂 !

We would also love to hear from you regarding your experiences, your ways of using the two apps, and suggestions for future additions to them.