Main Screen

After starting AIRS from your Android launcher, you are presented with the main screen of the AIRS activity. AIRS uses a tabbed view.


Through the AIRS tabs you can Start Recording, Synchronise AIRS recordings and Configure AIRS. If you want to visualize the recordings, we provide a link to our other software, Storica, that can be used for Android 3.0+.

Pressing the Android Options key brings up the following screen and functions:


The Backup option saves your current local recording database to the AIRS data partition (usually under /sdcard/Android/data/com.airs/files)

The Restore option restores any previous backup file, replacing the current database (cannot be undone!)

The Indexing option creates an index over the timestamp entry in the local recording database. This speeds up any visualisations tremendously but will increase the size of the database by about 60%. The index needs only be created once and cannot be removed after created!