Interrogate your data with the new Storica V1.5 update!

Want to know where you annotated happy in the last month? How often you were at work? When the air pressure was above 1030hPa?

These and similar queries can now be constructed with the Storica V1.5 update. You simply select the monthly data view, hit the search button and construct your query with the graphical UI. We support Where/When/How often type of queries and a number of values that we found useful for you. To make the location queries easier, you can defined Work and Home as addresses in your settings, which can then be pre-filled in location queries. For the location queries, we use geocoding through Google to determine a location (similar to the labelling of locations in Storica).

As another feature in V1.5, we added a mood diary mode, which you can select from the navigation drawer in the main screen. In this diary mode, information around mood and event annotations as well as social communication is highlighted throughout the various views. In the digital stories, we then select mood-dependent backgrounds that make your diary a personal experience. You can define these mood-dependent backgrounds in the Settings menu, similar to the location-dependent background settings.

Last but not least, we aligned the meaningful marker pins in the map views with the icons being used in the context panel, making the experience more consistent.

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