Labelling your Locations in Storica

When using Storica, did you ever think that showing meaningful and personal pictures in your stories as a background would be a good idea?

The short answer to this is: You can!

Let me elaborate a bit more on how you would do this. When presenting your stories to you, Storica considers various sensor information to associate your story event with a spatial context. It takes recordings from GPS (the GI sensor), Wifi (WI sensor) and Bluetooth (BD or BT sensor) to search your location labels for a location meaningful to you. So make sure that you record at least one of these sensors in AIRS! 

How do you define location labels so that Storica can show your meaningful pictures? 

For this, you will need to start Storica and go into the settings for location labels by first selecting the Settings menu:


Selecting the Story Viewer settings gets you here:


…and selecting the Name Your Locations entry brings up the list of locations you have defined so far (below are my current locations):


Let us create a new entry from scratch here. For that, press the + button on the top right, creating a new location label entry:


First, let us define what type of location you would like to have. For that, select the Select Place (location-based) widget, allowing for selecting the location type being used here.


The first two (place and area) are based on GPS, using the GI sensor. The difference here is the radius considered around the mid point. A place is smaller than an area (about 500m vs about 10km). So London, for instance, is an area while Covent Garden (a buzzling market place in London) is a place. You can also select positions based on WiFi or BT (see above). In terms of priority, here are the rules:

  • WiFi beats GPS and BT (since it is more localised but still considered a stationary location)
  • BT beats GPS (since it is localised although often not stationary, e.g., being near your laptop)
  • After something is chosen for WiFi or BT, either entries will not override chosen pictures (i.e., the selection is first come first serve)
  • For GPS, the closest area/place to your story event is chosen!

For WiFi and BT, there will be another selection list that shows up on the right of the selection list above, allowing for choosing the WiFi access point or BT device that you want this location to be associated with. When selecting BT, you must have BT switched on (that is an Android thing, not a Storica issue!).

After having selected the right location type, you can now define the location label for it. This label is used in the text panels for the various story/map/media views. Click on the text field at the bottom of the location label and the following selector will pop up:


Because we selected a GPS-based area as the location type, Storica will use geo-coding to retrieve the location of your label (here London), if you select Search Location. You can also choose to associate the label with the last known location by clicking on Last Location (if the button is not shown, there is no last known location in the system at the moment). In cases of BT- and WiFi-based location labels, you simply click the OK button on a similar input dialog.

In the case of GPS-based location labels, searching for the location label could possibly lead to several choices for this label:


You can either select the entry (here only one) from the list or show the choices on a map:


Click on the pin you want to choose and then confirm with the OK button on the top right. This will lead to the location label being shown in the list:


The Save button on the left has now turned darker to show that changes have been made. Finally, you can now select an image being associated with your location label. For this, you have two choice. You can either capture a snapshot right on the spot (e.g., when you are at the location you want to associate a label with). For this, press the Camera icon. Alternatively, you can associate a gallery image with the location. For this, press the Media icon of the location label. This will open the gallery (or any other picture selector you might choose) and you can pick an image:


Last but not least, remember to save your changes by hitting the Save button, turning the color of your Save button back to normal.

So how is this information now used in Storica?

Here is a story event from one of my trips to London.


Based on my GPS recordings, Storica determines that I’m in the London area and selects the image above as the background of the story event. You can also see a pin in the icon panel at the bottom, indicating that a location has been recognised. In addition, the text panel says “Your place was London” (using the name of the location label).

I have defined many locations that I have visited over the past few months, mainly taking pictures I took from the places to define the location for me!

It’s fun, so do define locations yourselves and enjoy another great feature of Storica!


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