Storica Change Log

– compiled with new SDK, resulting in smaller APK
– integrated some new weather labels
– pedometer now shows goal notification even if stopped/restarted recording
– added quick tile support for Nougat (7.0+)
– added launcher shortcuts for directly starting your template recordings (7.1+)

– integrated some new weather labels
– pedometer now shows goal notification even if stopped/restarted recording
– added quick tile support for Nougat

– added statistic to daily selector
– addressed crash in gallery view when no picture found

– monthly search now works for daily annotation, too (when and how often questions)
– improved on monthly search for places

– moved marker/path menu in mapview to button on top left, enabling quick toggle between different marker highlight options
– path toggle now persists
– removed bugs in gallery and map view regarding pictures that do not exist and deleting location markers
– showing own location now preserves zoom level
– small adapations for Android N

– completely revamped media handling, supporting still images, animated GIFs and video to be captured and shown in media gallery
– using improved media capturing methods that should also work with Samsung built-in camera app
– support now up to four media folders
– addressed bug in non-full screen mode of map
– new drawer menu layout
– reduced APK size

– added more data to monthly view
– removed menu bug in gallery map

– added heart rate sensor support for Samsung and other built-in heart rate sensors
– added step goal notification

– added support for sent & received data (DS, DR, MS, MR) sensors
– updated TR sensor to usage access API in Lollipop+
– addressed bug in main screen highlight images and MT sensor

– dealing with WiFi SSID including apostrophe
– allowing for Android Wear heart rate measurements even if Zephyr or BT Smart pulse sensor is used
– address Marshmallow bug when showing any photo media in stories or gallery

– limit the number of events shown in stories, defined in the settings, by increasing the surrounding interval
– improved checking of companion app running on Android Wear
– removed pressure context events due to lack of reliability in movement scenarios, still used for atmospheric altitude
– keep visualization settings across templates
– deprecated TV sensor support for 5.1+ due to API change
– replaced TR sensor implementation to accommodate 5.1.1 security restrictions
– specifically add location to other meaningful events (calls, SMS, calendar)
– added German language to Android Wear

– Android Wear support added, providing event and mood annotations as well as heartrate
– specifically add location information at every event/mood annotation (if location is recorded)
– add GPS and barometric altitude timeline, based on GI recording and PU recording
– bug fixes in unit conversion
– adjust widget sizes to 1×1
– improve widget imagery

– template selection now remembered
– recording is restarted after reboot when recording was running
– now show current values from notification (as it used to be in AIRS)
– template (if used) showing in notification text

– add stop button to notification for faster ending of recording
– small UI changes
– removed Kitkat bug in location and mood label management

– addressed small bugs and crashes in settings

– more material design with new buttons on main screen, story view, media and map view
– card design for stories and location/mood labels
– media gallery improved with full screen view when clicking on image
– can now jump from highlight images on main screen right into gallery view for that image
– moved EXIF details to media gallery for all pictures
– removed dark theme
– addressed crash in tag cloud and DB operations

– moved all DB operations into single settings menu
– added DB info
– added trimming of DB
– corrected heart monitor handler for better reconnection

– some more timezone bugs
– changed mood and event widget fonts
– placed widget enter button back at bottom
– added distance travelled to map view
– some handler optimisations throughout

– now running notification listener in own process for smaller memory footprint
– corrected timezone bug, caused by combining AIRS and Storica
– force single pane preferences, even in tablet mode
– correct handling of flash in EXIF data
– addressed crash in adaptive GPS selection
– addressed crash in media gallery
– clear search results when restarting Storica UI

– removed bug in timeline sharing
– improved memory management
– changed a few language strings

– removed bug in unit conversion

– AIRS is now integrated into Storica, revamping the settings
– import of AIRS recordings supported
– Screen on/off now show in daily visualizations

– cleaned up layout, making it more Material design
– removed some more Lollipop layout bugs

– search monthly trends via Google Now!
– scrolling of annotations works again
– layout bug in Lollipop removed

– pedometer statistics now in monthly trends visible!
– timezone bug removed in daily annotations when travelling

– added daydream service to Storica
– show distance walked based on pedometer in detailed visualizations

– streetview now showing again right bearing
– improvements in streetview interaction through action bar menu instead of on-screen toggle

– bug fix in own location tracking when using map view
– bug fixes in showing location name alternatives when adding location backgrounds
– improved timeline usability

– using EXIF information of pictures in media gallery and story view when no GPS recording available
– bug fix when using own mood descriptions and icons

– added immersive mode viewing in media gallery (Android 4.1+)
– improved rotation refresh in media gallery

– added in-program Streetview integration with map/streetview dual view
– consider EXIF orientation in media gallery for proper display
– Twitter follow link now works

– added icons to sliding drawer menu
– improved timezone support in call/SMS log as well as selection of timeline ranges
– merged Info and About menu into single item

– added BP sensor back to lifelogging and mood diary
– moved settings, info, about to sliding drawer
– merged main menu items for pick month and today

– improve tag cloud zoom, e.g., zoom in/out in tag cloud view is now with repetition when holding buttons
– bug fixes of reported crashes in timezone support

– show map view initially in fullscreen for better visibility
– suppress hangout context icons when receiving SMS; useful for people using Hangout for SMS and IM

– timezone improvements in media gallery and annotations
– enabled scrolling of installation text, if larger than screen
– repaired disappearing picture-taking context

– timezone support when recording the TZ sensor
– added pedometer support (through new PD sensor) to detailed information list
– improved code for context panel, removing false SMS readings
– restored play mode for stories (sorry!)
– hide map/streetview menu items in media gallery and stories when there is no map information available

– corrected MIME type for importing recordings to work properly with Android 4.4
– bugfix when switching on own location in map view with location switched off

– improved timed stories (when no story events exists) for cases of interrupted recording
– added opacity setting for markers in full screen map view
– show correct photo taken when no location/mood background and two photos taken within context interval

– add text/audio notes right from the calendar view
– clicking on day now simply reveals the available visualisations
– aggregate story events into single event when occurring within interval selected in settings
– click on min/max values of timeline to set your own timerange!

– allow for adding snapshots as location labels in story view (click + button at bottom of image)
– changed to PNG for sharing material (better quality)
– align event text font size with panel text size
– shrunk app size with Proguard

– allow for importing recordings right from remote cloud storage (instead of local files only)
– import notes when importing sync file from latest AIRS release
– show picture taken as background in stories if there are no location or mood labels
– set color and minimal size of tag cloud in visualisation settings
– improved on pausing map/story play when pressing buttons or menus

– simplified initial setup procedure
– corrected interval of events in media gallery and map view
– changed map animations to allow for better drawing updates
– bugfix in import recordings for cases of empty readings

– media gallery now properly handles MW readings that are not snapshots (e.g., adding music to your library)
– use the same camera directory settings as AIRS, no need to define in settings anymore
– watch out for the small help toasts!

– enable searching your monthly data with how often, when, where questions
– added mood diary with your own mood-dependent backgrounds (in Settings under Visualisations!)
– use same icons for meaningful event pins in maps as in context panels

– my location bugfix in mapview
– bugfix for startup crash reported

– introduce diary modes, which emphasise specific information in all views
– meaningful events now shown as markers in mapview, if location is available
– information windows in mapview now show marker-specific information
– skip geocoding when clicking on map marker without Internet connectivity
– reconcile settings by creating single visualisation preference screen
– improve month change through swipe in calendar view
– switched from in-app billing to license key for full version (see store description!)

– using random temporary files for sharing, fooling G+ to show the right thumbnail!
– marker info window shows now progress circle while loading
– my location now properly updating when moving
– accuracy circle around my location in map view

– sharing finally works in all views without taking a screenshot!! (if the latest Google Play Services is installed)
– added double click on marker in map view for further info and action for this marker
– added my location in map views
– map tilt icon is now only tilting, no change in position or zoom!
– bugfix in joint MO/EB events within story viewer
– bugfix in monthly trend view title
– adjusted import recordings timestamp format to properly read timezone

– introduced action bar color as TecVis gradient (only for light theme)
– improved mapviewer last position function
– different pin icons per meaningful event
– bugfix in color selector, not showing initial colors

– support event and mood annotations as tag clouds to monthly data view
– support WiFi/BT that are not known to the device in location labels – good for multi-device use when WiFi/BT information does not exist on your other device(s)!

– update calendar properly after importing values
– add context menu to timeline in addition to option menu (helpful when option menu button does not show up!)
– show mood and event annotations together as meaningful event in digital stories

– setup screen when AIRS is not installed with automatic installation and configuration of AIRS template
– bugfix in media gallery
– add more links to follow us on social media

– bugfix for German version – now click on calendar works properly (apologies to all German users!)

– added time-based stories for cases where no meaningful events are found (requires at least some minimal recording!)
– store choice for what events you want to see in your stories
– use new Google Map API to improve fly-over icon changes
– bugfix in import recordings
– bugfix when removing last daily image from media gallery

– added the ability to filter the meaningful events in stories, e.g., removing your social comms or snapshots from stories – with this, you can temporarily unclutter your stories!
– added support for ET sensor in story creation, showing text you shared with AIRS as a meaningful event
– added support for TM/HU sensors in detailed views
– added tips for recording for first time starters
– improved handling of sms and events with embedded URLs and smileys, making links clickable

– introduced unit conversions for detailed timelines
– added GS to detailed views and used in context panels
– merged map view menus into single menu entry (map mode) for all view
– addressed Import bug

– added MP and HL sensors to detailed views
– changed map track and import menu icons
– bug fixes in map view when changing map data being shown

– added grid lines support to timelines (disable in settings)
– added choice of time range in timelines
– allow for showing GPS and weather separately or together in map view
– make search for location in location labels clearer
– allow for adding location labels based on last known location
– allow for taking pictures for location labels

– moved import of recordings from settings menu to main menu
– add initial screen to import function to explain how to do it
– consistently use action bar icon click in settings to move back one level
– add more summary texts to settings
– moved About category from settings into own Info menu

– added pinch-to-zoom to media view
– use maximum light now for light context determination (more realistic)
– added calorie expenditure to daily timelines
– added preferences with information about you (age, height, gender) for calories statistics
– show blood pressure also in daily view
– allow for removing GPS recordings in map view

– revamped all our icons for the media panel in the story/map/media view!
– support for extended mood icons of new AIRS update
– support for activity through HI sensor in icon panel and timeline

– further simplified the text panel throughout all views, now showing only clear distinctive text when icons are shown (otherwise icons are enough), more text shown when icons are hidden
– group icons in context groups, e.g., activity, environmental, for easier recognition
– add your second timeline when viewing from the calendar screen (not available when viewing from the icon panels)
– set the color for your timelines in settings
– introduced monthly data views
– improved call/sms log retrieval
– added table view for recordings such as blood pressure
– now support US regional date convention

– show dialog when changing play speed with rockers in map and story view
– some more language corrections
– removed a few labels in text panel, such as ‘at least one task running’, only showing the icon for more detail
– tag cloud now properly themed
– tag cloud now scrolls when too large
– tag cloud zoom controls now out of the way

– support own icons being used for AIRS mood widget entries

– index database at Storica start, in case it is not indexed (performance requirement!)
– can now show map for choices in place/area selection for location labels
– mood icons now properly supported for multi-language (sorry!)

– import AIRS recordings via text files for viewing your experiences on other devices (go to Settings menu)
– own mood annotations now shown with special emoticon
– Rate Storica from settings menu

– shows information about indexing your database! Do index your database for a significant performance increase!

– bugfixes

– bugfixes
– added share menu items

V1.0: first release of Storica