Traveling a lot? Storica now supports timezones

Since the last update to V1.6, Storica now supports timezones (if you record the TZ sensor). This will allow for viewing your experiences in the timezones you were in when recording them!

Prepare for this

You will need to enable recording the TZ sensor in AIRS, like any other sensor. Enable this sensor in all the templates you are using! With that, AIRS will record any timezone change during travel and when starring AIRS.

Enjoy in the different views

Timezones are shown differently in the various views of Storica. For instance, a “GMT+-X” type of information is shown in the action bat when showing the time of the story event:

Note that a story of the day can have different timezones in cases where your story spans a travel across timezones.

In the map view, clicking on a marker reveals the context panel but also the time of the marker in the action bar. This time is now also timezone supported:

Also timelines support timezones, but will pick the timezone of the start time only, I.e., if a timezone change occurred during the timespan of the time axis, then this is neglected to simplify the timeline graphic.

Other views, such as the media gallery, call, and SMS logs are adjusted, too, giving you the ability to retrieve data relative to the timezone you were in when recording.

Enjoy this new feature!

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