Experiencing on Several Devices

Do you own several Android devices? Are you using a mobile handset that you daily carry around but use a tablet for browsing in the evening?¬†Wouldn’t it be great if you could view your experiences, recorded on your mobile handset, on your tablet as well?

Let us discuss how Storica supports multi-device viewing at the moment:

  1. Backup/restore the recording database: Meant for saving your recordings in case you loose your phone or for any other regular backup purpose, you can also use this feature to view experiences on several devices. For that, backup your recording database on your regular recording device (say your mobile handset) through the DB Admin menu in the Record tab, copy the file airs_backup.db in the /sdcard/Android/data/com.airs/files directory to your second device (using a laptop or transfer via WiFi). Copy the DB file into the same directory on your second device, enter AIRS and restore the database. All recordings as well as Storica notes and location labels will be available on your second device now (if you had own recordings on your second device, you will loose these when you restore!)
  2. Synchronise AIRS recordings via text files: Since V1.0.4, Storica allows for importing text-based recording files. For this, go into AIRS and select the Sync tab and hit the synchronise button. You can set the sync date with the appropriate menu entry, in case you want to transfer recordings from a particular date until today. When requested, choose a way to transfer the text file, e.g., via Bluetooth or simply email it. On your second device, go into Storica and select the Settings menu. Hit the Import Recordings entry; a file manager should open now (you might be asked to select one of your installed ones) and you need to select the text file in your file system. If you transferred via Bluetooth, you should search for the Bluetooth transfer directory (usually under /bluetooth of your SD card memory). Once you confirm the file, Storica will read it and insert all found values into the database. After the operation, change the month in order to refresh the calendar entries!

A good way to get your multi-device viewing on the way is a combination of the two methods. First, copy the database with the first method. In the future, simply synchronise both devices using the second method!

NOTE: the second method will not synchronise your text and audio notes that you add in your Storica application on your recording device!

And something else: do not mix recording and multi-device viewing! Decide which device will be used for recording (and possibly viewing with Storica) and which one is purely viewing. Synchronising recording onto a device which you use for recording itself will create ‘mixed’ experiences – Storica, at the moment, does not provide multi-recording experiences that allows for differentiating which recordings were made on which device!