Get Started with Lifelogging

STORICA (and AIRS) allows for easy recording of many pieces of information from your mobile, from the Internet or through attached sensors (such as the Zephyr HxM heart rate monitor or other BT Smart compatible heart rate sensors).

In this post, we show you how easy it is to get started with using our software for lifelogging purposes, i.e., the recording of interesting parameters pertaining to your daily life and routines for the purpose of replaying them at any time later (for instance through our Storica application).

  1. First of all, you need to install Storica on your mobile, best done directly through the Google Playstore.
  2. When initially starting Storica, it will copy a default recording template to your template directory. As a result, you will see a template called Lifelogging in your template list, when you select Templates from the drawer menu on the main screen. Screenshot_2015-08-13-10-55-56
  3. The Lifelogging template is preset as the template and you can simply start recording. You can, of course, adjust any settings or the selection of values (see here about the settings). You might also need to configure any peripherals (such as heart rate monitors) or set folders for your photo capturing (in case your phone manufacturer is not using the standard folders). Check out our tips for recording page regarding the various values that you can record and visualise with Storica!
  4. If you want to start recording right from your homescreen, you should now press Shortcut in the Manage Templates screen (which you enter by selecting the aforementioned Template menu).
    This will create a shortcut widget on your launcher screen with the name of the template (e.g., Lifelogging).

You are now good to go with your lifelogging recording – simply press the created shortcut on your launcher screen and the recording will be started!

You can visualize the recordings by starting the Storica app from your launcher or simply through the notification that is shown while recording!