Using the GPS adaptive mode in AIRS to reduce battery consumption

Bothered by AIRS using GPS all the time although you are in the same location for longer?

AIRS offers the so-called adaptive GPS mode that disables GPS recording if you are in the vicinity of known WiFi access points. For this, do the following:

Start the AIRS programme and select the Config tab:


Select the Location settings:



Enable the Adaptive GPS checkbox, then click on the WiFi Selection entry:


You will now see all the WiFi access points that you ever connected to. Select the ones that you are often nearby and where you want GPS to be switched off, e.g., your home access point or an access point at a conference.

IMPORTANT: if you are using templates in AIRS, do not forget to save any changes to your WiFi list above to the template. Otherwise, your selection will be overwritten when you start AIRS the next time with the template!

TIP: Do not select access points of common providers since these hotspots are often found around you. Switching off GPS might hamper your location recording overall since any encounter with that hotspot will switch GPS off although you cannot clearly associate that hotspot with a location!

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