Want to add a snapshot to AIRS you haven’t recorded?

Since the new AIRS V2.7.9.6, you can now add snapshots to AIRS that you have not explicitly recorded.

What are useful scenarios for this? Firstly, you might have forgotten to record the MW sensor (although we recommend that you generally record this information). Secondly, you might take a snapshot but then later (when you are not recording with AIRS, e.g., when being at home in the evening) decide to edit the snapshot (most gallery applications will create a copy of the original snapshot). In that case, AIRS will have only recorded the original snapshot but not the edited version.

How do I do this? Quite simple, actually. Go into your gallery application and select the photo you want to add. Now select the SHARE icon in your gallery. In the list of applications to share to, AIRS should show up. Select the AIRS icon and you will see a small message once the photo has been added to the AIRS database:



What is the date at which the photo is inserted? AIRS will first try to use the ‘date modified’ information. Sometimes this information is not properly set, upon which AIRS will read the available EXIF information of the photo (which contains when the snapshot was taken). If properly taken, the photo is now added to the AIRS database under the date/time when the original snapshot was taken (i.e., when editing a photo, the original snapshot date/time is inserted!).

Can I add any picture? You can as long as the picture is located in the camera path that you defined for AIRS! Hence, you cannot add any arbitrary picture located anywhere on your local storage; it must be located in the camera path! This ensure that software such as Storica can rely on the camera path information to retrieve the right photo!

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