There are four points that you need to pay attention to when you want to buy a hard case for your favorite iPhone. Check out our full explanation!

Make sure it fits your iPhone

As you already know, the iPhone 13 Cases has various series. This makes the hard case available in the market also vary according to the specifications of each iPhone series. With this in mind, choosing a hard case according to the iPhone you have is mandatory.

The suitability of your iPhone is not limited to just the size, but also the overall fit. Starting from the placement of buttons, charger holes, camera holes, and so on, it must fit your iPhone.

It’s true, some iPhone series have the same size. However, details such as buttons, number of cameras, speaker locations and more can vary. So, don’t just choose the same size. Make sure your target Hardcase is specific to the iPhone series you have.

Check the materials used

Hardcase material is very different from the soft case. Softcase uses a flexible material, such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), while Hardcase uses a harder and stiffer material. Here we describe some Hardcase materials that you can find.

    Polycarbonate is the most common material used for hard cases. Polycarbonate is a material that is not easily broken and is resistant to high temperatures.

    Tempered glass is a shiny and sturdy material. Some hard cases with tempered glass are transparent cases that highlight the color of your iPhone.

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To produce a tough hard case, manufacturers incorporate TPU material as well in the product. Hardcase like this is also known as hybrid case. TPU parts are usually used on the inside and sides of the case as shock absorbers.

Pay attention to whether there are additional advantages

Although both are classified as hard cases, certain products are equipped with additional advantages to increase their appeal. The following are some additional designs that you can find for an iPhone Hardcase.

    Products equipped with storage compartments allow you to use the case like a mini wallet.

    Cases equipped with side bumpers can provide more protection, especially in the corners of the iPhone.

    A case that supports MagSafe technology from iPhone. MagSafe is a technology that has existed since the iPhone 12 by attaching the charger to the back of the cellphone. However, not all cases support this feature.

    In addition, there is also a case that is equipped with a stand or strap to make it more functional and easy to carry.

Having additional advantages will increase the functionality of your target use case. Therefore, before deciding to buy, make sure this point does not escape your attention, OK?

Choose a product with a favorite design

Besides providing extra protection for your iPhone, cases can also make your iPhone look cooler. For that, make sure you pay attention to the design too, yes.

If you like a simple look, choose a plain case. Black is the preferred choice. However, you can also have other plain colors, such as white and pink. You can also choose a transparent hard case to highlight the original color of your iPhone.

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Well, for a different look, you can choose an eccentric or eccentric design. The red color can be an eccentric case choice. Don’t forget to adjust the design, such as an image of a certain character or motif.

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